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Why will chapter stock ethical brands?

Why am I only interested in working with 'ethical' brands? And what exactly does that mean?

Well I'm all for trying to do the right thing. And I truly believe I can build this business while being picky about who I work with. It might sound ironic coming from someone setting up a retail business, which inherently aims to sell stuff...but I hate the vapid consumerism entrenched in us by the old style and rapidly disappearing retailers.

I think fast fashion is an environmental disaster.

I don't think I need to decorate my house in tat at Easter, and Halloween as well as at Christmas.

I hate that we buy cheap crap to put in party bags for our kids, rather than buying them one nice thing that they might actually treasure and use.

I can't bare that apparently it's ok to stock products made in sweatshops that don't pay their workers a fair wage, nevermind give them safe working environments.

I'm uneasy that someone will then buy that product, wear it once then chuck it out 6 months later.

I REALLY hate that as well as filling a stocking for your kids now, there's pressure to buy them advent calendars with a toy in EVERY day (cos yes of course, they need that).

Apart from totally spoiling our kids, we're of course contributing to environmental problems by succumbing to these crafty marketing ploys. Ironically, these kids will probably resent us when they're older cos we ruined their planet by gifting them all this crap.

On the upside (!) I am massively encouraged by the counter movement towards experiences and ethical purchasing that we're seeing.

I would like Chapter to be a place you can shop and know in confidence that the brands you're buying from are doing their own little bit on this front. They won't be perfect. Products (like humans!) will have an environmental footprint. However they will be made in safe environments, they will be supporting good causes, they will be attempting to minimise their environmental footprint.

Some of my favourite ethical brands are... @wowyoubeauty @oliveandfrank @laurenastondesigns @picklelondon

Who would you add to this amazing list?

The whole reason I've set up Chapter is to help others, be that the brands I sell in my stores, the businesses I use to support me as I grow, or the communities who want to work out how to save their high street.

And I don't think this works unless I'm selling products that do good as well as look, feel, smell and taste good.

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